Oroma is a leading investor and developer in growing markets across Africa

Oroma caters to a diverse and exciting portfolio of projects and ventures, from the mystical depths of Lake Malawi to the lush jungles of Bwindi National Park. Whether you are a highly experienced investor or are looking to make your first investment, we are here to help you find the investment suitable to your needs.

Investments at Oroma yield stable and attractive returns while at the same time elevating lives of those in the local community through generating mutually beneficial outcomes.

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A wide portfolio of opportunities

At Oroma we seek to create long term value and positive impact for our investors and communities in a region that has unprecedented future potential. With a highly experienced team on the ground in our key markets, we are able to easily assess and utilize new opportunities and prospects.

Our in-depth experience combined with the local understanding of the region markets makes us the partner of choice for our new and existing investors.

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Investments with impact

At Oroma, we believe that a thriving local community and a protected eco-system is good for business and that sustainable investments are the future. We therefore take an active role in our communities and environment when developing projects and engaging in new ventures.

We apply international environmental, social and governing standards to all our investments and developments to ensure we stay true to our responsible investment approach.

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